Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pinteresting Updates

Pinterest has slowly become one of my favorite websites around. I have always been an incessant pinner. I have a board for fashion, organization, make-up, health, crafts, quotes, my future home, my future inn (that I will restore based on pinterest), and like most girls, I am guilty of having that stupid wedding board. I figure what can it hurt to dream a little, ya know?

Anyhow, now that I have been living at home for almost 6 months, and the basement and just about every room in the entire house has been redone, I have quite a bit of free time after work and on the weekends. With some of this free time I have been going back through my pinterest boards and actually making some of those projects I've been looking at for years. Below are pictures and at least brief descriptions of how I made them!

These letters were actually based off of something I found in World Market. I had seen these awesome letters there but was not willing to pay $45 for them, so I just decided I would make them myself. For the letters you will need:
- Wooden Letters
- Road Maps
- Modge podge (I found a recipe on pinterest that just needed elmers glue and water I think)
For these I laid the letters over the maps, traced the letter, cut it out, and modge-podged the map onto the letter so there would be a little dimension to the wall. And that's it. Pretty easy!
The map idea itself is based off of a childhood project my Dad and brother had. Everywhere my Dad traveled he would bring back gifts for us as kids, and he always brought Robbie a pin, so the maps were covered in pins. I loved this idea of tracking where you've been, so I figured I'd make one of my own with keychains, so I recently started collecting keychains from everywhere that I travel so that I can see all my explorations in one place!

These canvases are for the most part straight from pinterest. Before my sister Laura when back to school she was making all kinds of canvas-ey pinterest projects and I decided I could probably save some money on all my wall decorations if I just make them myself! For these all I used was:
- 2 canvases
- Acrylic paint
- Puffy paint
- Painters tape
I used the painters tape to mark the borders of the anchor and to help create the chevron look. The tape helped to keep mostly straight lines, then when it dried I went back over it with a straight burch and a semi-steady hand. Once that dried, I puffy painted on some of the favorite quotes that I had seen.
These are now hanging in the bathroom and kind of tie in the colors of my navy blue and white chevron towels and the obnoxious pinkish orange color of the walls.

So as I've mentioned previously, I am obsesseddd with fall which means I have way too many scarves. I have tried just about every possible hanger, basket, and gadget to organize and hold my scarves but was unsatisfied with everything. I did some searching around on pinterest and saw examples of towel racks and shower rings to display jewelry and belts, and I thought why not display all of my scarves on a towel rack!? So, that's what I did, and so far I LOVE it. It looks neat, I can find everything in one glance, and it was super simple.

Now this project took FOREVER to figure out. I found this one on pinterest and had the hardest time finding a list of the materials, but I finally found one and when into Lowe's to find all the little pieces. As I started asking around about some of the pieces, and stumping some of the staff, they decided we just needed to start from scratch. So I explained the project I was going to do and pulled up the pinterest pics and a few of these guys spent almost an hour helping me find all these pieces. The following is the list that we came up with (this list is enough to hang one bottle):
- 1/2in split ring hanger
- Replace screws with #10-24x1in machine screws
- 3/8in ceiling flange
- Plastic anchors and screws
- Threaded rod (3in piece/bottle)
- Spray Paint
- Acrylic Glass Paint
I started off painting the bottles with white spray paint. Since its glass the paint ended up kind of streaky and runny, so I decided that would just be the base coat and would leave something for the next layer of paint to grab on to. I then added a layer of white acrylic glass paint.
Once the bottles were dry, I put the anchors in the wall, then attached the ceiling flange to the anchors, screwed in the threaded rod to the ceiling flange and one side of the split ring hanger, and finally I had my Mom hold the bottle in place while I screed in the second half of the split ring hanger with the #10-24x1 screws. And that was it!

This is by far my favorite project, and I still have more that I want to do with it, but for now I just need to share it. This was something I recently found on pinterest and just HAD to make. So on that same trip to Lowe's to get all the gadgets for the wine bottle vases I made a trip down the wood section and found everything I needed for this project. For this one you will need:
- wood of whichever size and quantity you prefer
- wood glue
- Paint primer (of whichever color you prefer)
- 1 Background Paint(of whichever color you prefer)
- 2 Font Paints (of whichever colors you prefer)
- Stencils
- Paint Brushes
I personally knew I wanted to somehow hang this on the wally, so I found this super thin, precut wood that was light-weight and the perfect size. I laid it all out on the floor to decide how many pieces I wanted, and decided I would make this about the size of a poster board (I used 7 pieces). First, I glued all the pieces together side by side, and I shifted some up higher than others so it looked a little "off", and I let it dry over-night.

On day two, I spray painted the whole thing with a white primer, and once that was dry I painted it with a white paint. After that was dry I had to get a little creative, because I couldn't find stencils in the size or font I wanted, so I printed out all the letters on cardstock, used a razor blade to cut out the letters, then used the paper with the cut outs as my stencils and began painting the letters.
Once they dried, they were all a little wobbly so, like the canvas projects, I went back over all of the letters with a steady hand and a brush with a straight edge until the letters were of my liking. Once that was dry, I was done!
Now I am trying to decide what else I am going to add to the ends or the corners to decorate it up a bit, and then I will probably hang this on the wall with anchors, fish how screws, and fishing line...I think. Once I figure that out I will post the finished project!